Eco Cars: Algae-powered Algaeus offers 150mpg, attempts to cross US on 25 gallons

algaeus 1

Eco Factor: Car powered by algae to cross US on 25 gallons of fuel.

The world’s first algae fuel-powered vehicle has officially be unveiled in San Francisco. The car, dubbed Algaeus, is a modified Toyota Prius that runs on green crude from Sapphire Energy. The car gets an amazing 150 miles from a gallon of green fuel and aims to cross the US on approximately 25 gallons of fuel.

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The fuel won’t be available at your local gas station anytime soon, but the company is ramping up production of algae-based jet fuel this year and has plans to produce over 2 million gallons of algae-based diesel fuel each year in the next two years. The car runs on a 5% blend of algae fuel and the creators hope that the demonstration car will prove that green fuels are just on the horizon.

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Via: Inhabitat