Eco Bikes: Inventor converts cargo bike into a renewable energy generator

bullitt 1

Eco Factor: Solar and wind energy harnessing cargo bike.

Bikes are undoubtedly the greenest way to travel, and sooner or later someone would have thought of making use of the wind that blows right into your face every time you go for a ride. Soon to realize the importance of the natural energy that falls on bikes each day, Ulrik Bing from Human Battery has converted a Larry Vs Harry Cargo bike, Bullitt, into a power station with solar and wind harnessing capabilities. The bike stores the energy it receives in batteries which can be used when needed.

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Though the idea isn’t as ingenious as some other “Bike-Machines” we showcase regularly, this one definitely seems the most practical of the lot. For Human Battery, there is no stopping here. Ulrik is thinking of taking his pedal enthusiasm further by encouraging fitness center owners to convert their stationary and spinning bikes to power a certain selection of electronics in the center. Moreover, companies can also have their employees ride bicycles with batteries, which can later be connected the office’s power supply.

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Via: Copenhagenize