Eco-Bible: A step towards making religion eco friendly

the holy bible will soon turn eco friendly with re
Religion might just get an all new meaning with world’s first eco friendly Bible. While the world is inching towards an electronics dependent society with devices like Solar Powered Bible being released, the world’s largest publisher of Bible in English, Thomas Nelson Inc. has taken the initiative to put Bible’s message of stewardship and the growth of the creation care movement into practice by printing Bible on recycled and FSC approved paper. Millions and millions copies of Bible are sold each year and to convert them all into eco friendly paper was no easy task. The requirement with Bible was much more than environmentally responsible paper. A special paper grade was developed to suit Bible’s light weight paper feel. The religion publisher along with its paper manufacturer Domtar has worked to make publishing an environmentally responsible field by using paper that will lessen the burden on forests and mankind. The eco friendly Bible will hit the shelves on 9th October. Hopefully more publishers will soon follow the path paved by Thomas Nelson Inc. Image Via: Thepaperplanet