Eco Car: single-rider electric vehicle for the roads of future

luna 1 KyTCK 7071

Eco Factor: An all-electric vehicle that integrates the concept of Segway with an electric car to give you a clean and comfortable ride.

This compact and clean electric vehicle is being dubbed as the “Concept Vehicle for 2020,” but we would sure like to see this on the road a lot earlier. Designed by Sergio Luna, this concept car throws away the unnecessary aspects of modern car design and uses a pod-like exo-skeleton to create a space-conscious vehicle for future roads. It has space for only one rider, and that is perfect with the way most modern urban commuters travel to work each day. It has four electric motors with each wheel holding a couple. The concept takes its inspiration from a Segway and extends the basic principle to a car. Sleek, simple, clean and compact – this is surely a car of the future.

luna 2 wFyaR 7071

The Dark Side:

There is nothing that is apparently bad with this future design. Now we only hope his one sees some daylight and one day gets to production stage. The design of Sergio Luna surely merits at least a prototype.
luna 3 XSMYQ 7071

Via: Tuvie