Eco Arts: Sculptor creates bus shelters from decommissioned buses

school bus shelter

Eco Factor: Bus shelter made from recycled buses.

We’ve seen some hi-tech bus shelters being developed and commissioned in different parts of the world. These ecofriendly shelters mostly harness energy from the sun and power up a set of devices that provide access to the internet and information about bus schedules. Sculptor Christopher Fennel has a different mindset, for him green doesn’t always have to be flashy and expensive.

school bus shelter 1

Christopher has created a bus shelter in Atlanta using materials no one would have ever thought of. The shelters are made entirely from decommissioned school buses, and a total of three buses were used in the design. Exterior slices of ’62,’72 and ‘77 buses were joined together and the seating came from an old city bus.

school bus shelter 2