Eco Arts: Artist creates paper-thin biodegradable bowls from vegetables

vegetable bowl 1

Eco Factor: Edible artwork made from vegetables.

Eco-minded Dutch artist Geke Wouters has tried to bring ecofriendly artwork to your homes in the form of paper-thin bowls that are made from vegetables that include carrots, peppers, beet root, leeks and tomatoes among other veggies. The delicate vegetable bowls are made using a unique drying and forming process that converts organic materials into thin layers.

vegetable bowl 2

The surface of these edible bowls and plates carry stunning 3D forms that will eventually lose its beauty and go back to nature. The designer isn’t just stopping here, as she plans to create vegetable-paper business cars that could have endless applications and can be eaten when you’re no longer in use of them.

vegetable bowl 3

vegetable bowl 4

vegetable bowl 5

vegetable bowl 6

Via: Inhabitat