Eco Art: Dead Star – discarded batteries conveys message of recycling

battery ball pfxDN 7071
Eco Factor: Old and discarded batteries are shaped into an art piece so that they convey the message of recycling.

Modern artists are constantly finding new ways and new materials to expand their horizon of work. The “Dead Star” is a piece of art created by Michel de Broin that is a collection of old and discarded batteries. This huge ball of batteries gives the visual illusion that it is about to explode with its structural arrangement. An exhibit at the Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology in New York, the pile of batteries not just makes for an interesting art piece but keeps the toxic waste out of the dumps and still pretty useful.

The Dark Side:

The big pile of batteries seems nothing beyond exactly that – a big pile of batteries. While “What is art?” might be a question too big and too abstract to find a definitive answer, this giant ball of batteries seems nothing beyond kids’ play. Moreover, if all these batteries will eventually end up in the bin as you redesign your home, then it really serves little purpose.

Via: Gizmodo