Eco Architecture: Exploratory Science Museum for Brazilian university trusts nature


Eco Factor: Sustainable university campus makes use of natural sources for light and ventilation.

Japanese architecture firm UnityDesign along with Starburstar and ASA has unveiled the master plan for the Exploratory Science Museum that is to be developed for the Campinas University in Brazil. The proposal is based on the concept of a necklace, with a porous loop that carries discrete volumes, which are like stones on the “necklace”.


The concept allows visitors to walk freely in and around the museum and the architecture isn’t dependent of electrical systems for light and power as the open system allow natural light and air to filter through the façade and illuminate and cool the interiors.


Each “stone” or volume of the complex carries out its unique function. The high ceiling and open views maximize natural input and thereby reduces the complex’s energy load on the grid and also its environmental impact.


Via: DesignBoom