Eco Architecture: Mixed use tower in Costa Rica to induce sustainability

san jose tower 1

Eco Factor: Mixed use tower incorporated with sustainable features.

Spanish architecture firm Moho Architects are planning to build a sustainable mixed used tower in San Jose, Costa Rica that will feature a set of sustainable technologies to reduce the dependence of the tower on grid electricity. The architecture is driven by a progressive environmental strategy that is expected to establish a new benchmark in the region.

san jose tower 2

The mixed-use tower will include space for commercial, retail, conference rooms, hotel floors and casino. The presence of a variety of facilities in the same tower will reduce reliance on transport and balance energy consumption. The 25-story tower will take advantage of a number of sustainable energy strategies.

san jose tower 3

The development, expected to be complete by 2012, will incorporate wooden brise-solein facades that are designed to filter solar gain and encourage the use of daylight to permeate the complex. The layered fa├žade also reduces the need for artificial lighting, thereby reducing the amount of energy consumed by the tower.

san jose tower 4

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Via: ArchiCentral

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