Eco Architecture: Matthew Blesso’s lower Manhattan home radiates green goodness

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EcoFactor: A stunning green home that amalgamates architecture with a green and healthy lifestyle to give a wonderful example of eco-friendly living.

Matthew Blesso is one person whose roots are buried deep in an eco-friendly way of living. His home in lower Manhattan is a vibrant and visually beautiful example of how one can surround oneself with natural delight while still living in a concrete jungle. The stunning green home has been crafted with plenty of wood and has loads of space for little shrubs and plants. The rooftop of the home sports an inclined herb garden, and that is probably one of the most elegant ways of covering an interior staircase up. The greenery is also present inside the home and every room has a wonderful natural feel to it. The beautifully crafted interiors and the serene look make this home very special indeed.

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The Dark Side:

For all the green that this home sports, it does not really have any energy saving features or water harvesting system. The entire home seems to be covered with wood and the varieties of wood used come from plants that are not specifically grown for the purpose. It might have a green feel to it, but it is not completely planet-friendly.

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Via: NYTimes