Eco Architecture: LIN unveils solar-powered international design center

cite du design

Eco Factor: Sustainable building incorporates energy-saving systems and photovoltaic cells.

Berlin and Paris based LIN have recently unveiled Cité du Design, a stunning international design center in Saint-Etienne. The sustainable project is situated on the historic site of the National Arms Manufacture in St. Etienne. The complex is powered by solar energy and incorporates several energy-saving systems to reduce the building’s power demands.

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Constructed at the cost of €41.5 million, the Cité du Design provides space for auditoriums, meeting rooms, exhibition space, a media library and indoor gardens. The walls and roofs are formed by a latticed 3D structure. The skin carries about 14,000 equilateral triangles that are made up of different materials that help control light and air flow. Some of the triangles are equipped with solar panels that help generate renewable energy to power the building.

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Via: Inhabitat