Eco Architecture: Guillermo Hevia’s sustainable glass design

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EcoFactor: Environmentally friendly building

The Cristalchile factory is an offshoot of the Chilean architect Guillermo Hevia. The building exemplifies a green construction stringed with varied other environmental benefits. The plant features passive ventilation and a daylight use strategy that reduces the energy consumption of the building. The use of multiple maintainable technologies creates a suitable environment for working and production of glass bottling. The fact that this construction is parallel with the geographical area placed in favor of the predominant winds makes it better than most other current designs.

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The factory escorts industrial architecture worldwide by incorporating the use of bioclimatic technologies to the buildings as well as to production processes. The natural ventilation takes advantage of the existing winds and the roof’s ventilation and hot air from the production area is taken out. The temperature is degenerated through holes in the glass facades and the geothermal power that is naturally treated is utilized in the underground pipes. This eco-friendly building also relies on natural lighting and for this reasons and more, designs like these need to be promoted worldwide for a better tomorrow!

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The Dark Side:

There is no evident glitch to this project and only a simpleton will fail to be in awe with this design. Bravo Guillermo!

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Via: Inhabitat