Eco Architecture: Costanera Sur – A sustainable skyscraper for animals

costanera sur 1

Eco Factor: Self-sufficient skyscraper proposal provides water and energy to surrounding structures.

Visiondivision has proposed a unique skyscraper that won’t house offices or apartments but will provide sustainable living space for animals. Dubbed Costanera Sur, the vertical zoo will be built from debris left over from the construction of Buenos Aires’ decades-old highways and will be self-sufficient in terms of water and energy.

costanera sur 2

The vertical zoo will be equipped with a central pipe structure that will draw water from a nearby river and pump it all the way to the top of the building. Water will then be allowed to flow down the building’s façade creating a unique waterfall. The basement of the building will feature turbines and a central generator that will produce electricity from this waterfall.

costanera sur 3

The designers state that inside the vertical zoo, monkeys and birds will be allowed to roam free, while there will be separate floors that will provide living spaces to other animals. While the concept seems far from reality, the idea does seem fascinating, especially considering the decline in the land area left for animals.

costanera sur 4

Via: Inhabitat