Eco Architecture: Bubbletecture – Creating an aesthetic harmony between man and nature

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EcoFactor: An architectural masterpiece that is constructed without damaging the environment that surrounds it and is built with materials that do not harm the ecosystem around it.

Modern architects are finding grand new ways to integrate design with green intent and form with function to create a perfect structure. Bubbletecture shows the ingenious green mind of its designers, Shuhei Endo Architects, who have found a way to maximize the available space without harming the natural ecosystem that surrounds the place. Most often when builders face trouble with uneven ground or slopes, their first instinct is to level it out so that a stable base can be created. But when faced with a challenge of building an edifice where two blocks of the space are on parallel land and one on a slope, the guys at Shuhei Endo Architects just lifted the third structure up onto a stable platform. This was done by giving the structure a base that functions as a water tank and a dome that has ample interiors space.

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The structure looks simply awesome with its cool mushroom-like design and Japanese cypress thinning wood log that is used for the entire structure. This makes it more planet-friendly and also keeps the carbon emissions in check. The building material and the process were adopted to make sure that the landscape that surrounded the Bubbletecture was disturbed to the smallest possible extent. If you ever want to maximize the available space in the greenest possible manner, then this is a great inspiration indeed.
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The Dark Side:

While this building may not be a zero-emission home by any stretch, we still believe that the designers did a fine job in doing the best they could with limited space.
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Via: Igreenspot