Eco Architecture: Architect proposes 900-foot-tall ‘Sky Garden’ condo for New York City

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Eco Factor: 54-story skyscraper adorned with sky gardens.

Architect Daniel Libeskind has proposed a 900-foot-tall skyscraper for New York City, which stands out from the crowd of even taller skyscrapers by including a series of sky gardens at different levels of the building. The design also showcases a glass-tube-enclosed vertical garden going the full length of the tower through its center.

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Apart from giving fresh air to the people living or working in the tower, the open spaces designed for the sky gardens and the vertical farm will also ensure maximum utilization of the natural lighting, which would reduce the energy requirements of the building. The design has not yet been approved, but will definitely improve New York’s skyline if it is actually built.

The Dark Side:

The open spaces would ensure maximum energy savings when it comes to energy required for lighting this sky scraper, but it will also reduce the temperature inside the building, especially after sunset. To maintain comfortable living conditions inside the building, heating systems would have to be used, which would require much more energy than what would actually be saved by letting in the daylight.

Via: Dvice/DesignBoom