Eco Agriculture: Pyramid Farm – Vertical farming reinvented

pyramid farm 1

Eco Factor: Self-sufficient eco-system to solve food crisis.

Researchers are of the opinion that the exponential growth in human population and the lack of land available for farming will have catastrophic effects on humanity, and if new farming techniques aren’t invented in time, 3 billion people could face starvation by 2060. While vertical farming isn’t itself a new concept, these researchers are planning to reinvent the technique and build Pyramid Farms that not just provide food for the masses but also cater to waste management.

pyramid farm 2

Designed by Eric Ellingsen and Dickson Despommier, the Pyramid Farm is a self-sufficient ecosystem that does what other vertical farms are intended to do, but the difference here is that apart from raising vegetables and fruits indoors, the ecosystem utilizes waste to produce fish and poultry as well. The design is so efficient that it would just use 10% of the water and five percent of the land needed by farm fields.

Via: Inhabitat