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East Coast wind grid gets approval for the first stage of offshore connector

Alternate energy options are growing with each day and while the most popular form seems to be solar power; wind energy is catching up fast with latest developments. Modern wind turbines and new ways to tap into off-shore wind energy and even high altitude wind power means that it is no longer undependable and can produce energy that is close to being a constant power source. A group of researchers projected a stimulating plan that would take the wind energy and convert it into an alternate source of power.

East coast wind grid gets a go ahead

The main objective of this research would be to take all collectively all the wind farms off the East Coast and convert them into one colossal generating system that will be given the region’s existing wind prototype and it will ensure, producing a minimum amount of power always for that particular region. The motive that prevails behind this project is very straightforward; a local source of wind power is dependent always on the weather conditions prevailing in the region. The East Coast is rarely calm, and this is the reason why the storms tend to form towards the south and take a more or less northeasterly track along the coast. If the weather remains tranquil, the chances of rousing up things in the vicinity will be good. In the wake of this, the researchers thought of spreading wind generators up and down the coast, which would always be producing power.

According to the conventional setup, the grids in only some areas will be receiving wind power, while the rest will again be striving for some pother source of power generation. But this project, which was proposed in the last few years, planned of connecting them all together, through a single conduction system, and supplying that into a restricted number of areas. This is how those particular regions will be getting intermittent power that will never drop below minimum. The East coast is also looking forward to an offshore wind construction area, though this dream is far from reality but it has already attracted a large number of enthusiastic investors.


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