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DIY Sprinkler – All you need is a used bottle and some old pens

diy sprinkler

There are a plethora of things made out of non-biodegradable materials that have become a part of our daily life. Their usage has become almost unavoidable. But certainly reuse and recycle can be a solution to the environmental hazards posed by these non-biodegradable materials.

Here is an interesting example of how bottles and pens can be used to make yet another thing of utility and how better can it get if you can “do it yourself” – The DIY Sprinkler.

• Take a 20oz plastic bottle with a cap

• Measure the thickest width of male hose attachment. Drill a slightly smaller hole in the cap, than the hose attachment width.

• Drill three rows of five holes each, vertically on the bottle.

• Remove the refill of the 15 pens and cut them to a size of 2 inches.

• Insert each of the pens into the holes drilled in the bottle and fix them using plumbing adhesive.

• Glue hose attachment to the cap. Apply glue on the mouth of the bottle and close the bottle tight with the cap.

• Turn the water tap, the hose is attached to.

• Entreat you garden plants with water sprinkling all over them.

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