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DIY boats made from recycled materials to race in The Philippines

With eco-friendly merchandises picking up the momentum and more and more people focusing on nature friendly products, countries like Philippines is not behind. Recycling products is a great way go green as this helps in reduction of landfills and reduced energy consumption as compared to production of virgin materials. Garbage boat race has made Philippines go green on the world map. Materials like plastic bottles, PVC piping and Styrofoam bottles are the favorites for flotation devices. Recycling helps in focusing on green living solutions and provides an opportunity to save the non-renewable sources of nature.

recycled garbage boat race

Since green living and recycling go hand in hand, this is a great way of spreading knowledge about the benefits of salvaging, building a boat from reprocessed material will gradually eliminate the need to buy boats. Boats built in your backyard, especially when there’s a nearby river is great option for all the eco conscious folks. In Columbia, competitors engaged and battled on the beach to utilize the garbage that floats and sinks on these waters. Easy to build, these boats are a great example of utilizing trash to create valuable resources. Usage of such products and promotion of such opportunities via competitions like this, leads to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Creating a boat from trash is a great example of getting creative to save our mother earth.

If in Philippines, this can be a great way to contribute towards a greener living and giving life to products which were discarded as waste and pushed out. Producing boat from recycled garbage will also help in conserving natural resources like water, timber and minerals which are important for sustaining the environment for future generations. This will also aid in reduced need for incineration and landfill space and decrease the greenhouse gas emissions. A small effort can make a huge difference to the environment.

Via: Skynews

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