Desert Winds Eco Spa: Soothing the senses in a natural way!

wind spa 1

I have always been a firm believer that natural freshness and goodness is almost unmatched when it comes to soothing the restless mind and the tired senses. While most Spas across the planet claim to be natural and many of them are indeed true, they might still consume an enormous energy to run. Here is a natural spa or maybe a self-sustained structure, to be more precise, that will amaze you with both its amazing design and enormous utility. The design of Michael Jantzen is both amazing and very useful for harsh desert climates.

The Desert Winds Eco Spa is a conceptual design study for a small scale, environmentally conscious, solar and wind powered facility. The spa is being developed for use in a very hot desert climate. The basic design of the spa seeks to explore new and exciting ways in which to integrate alternative energy gathering and storage systems into the contemporary built environment. The structure would be composed of prefabricated, modular components, made of steel and various concrete composite materials. Various single and double story modules, linked together, would form the primary spaces used for all functions of the spa. So basically you can find a liberating cool spa in the middle of an arid region!

wind spa 2

Each of these modules would be equipped with a segmented secondary structure which could be automatically pulled around the central space in order to completely shade it from the hot desert sun. These segmented shade structures would monitor the movement of the sun, and in response, automatically rotate slowly around the center enclosed spaces. The shade structures could also be moved into different configurations around the central enclosed spaces in order to form various functional exterior spaces. At the top of each of the modular structures, there would be mounted a vertical axis wind turbine. These wind turbines, along with various photovoltaic arrays, would generate most of the energy needed to operate the facility. Rainwater would be collected off of the structures and stored for later use.

wind spa 3
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The size and the structure of Desert wind eco spa can be increased with time and of course one can add further more intricate details to maybe make it customized. Michael Jantzen is no new name in the world of eco-designing and his designs have always been at the forefront of making a green contribution towards the planet. The Desert Wind Eco Spa is not just a Spa for us but also a soothing little place for the planet to take rest at!
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Thanks: Michael Jantzen