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Cultivating edible plants in the kitchen

Kitchen Garden Concept

The concept of growing vegetation and plants in the kitchen is quite old, but Sylvain Charria, an industrial designer based in Montreol, has brought it back in the present day. This concept is easy to implement, maintain and does not require much investment. Once the plants are rooted, you can water, prune or fertilize them when working in the kitchen. While the broth bubbles or the chicken roasts, you can take some time off your cooking tasks and attend to your in house garden.

Cost cutting

The prices of all commodities, including food, are on the rise. In the future, resources will shrink and your victuals could get pricier. Growing vegetables in your home is therefore quite feasible as vegetables can be sourced for cheaper rates now. Also, you will not have to invest a lot of money to cultivate this garden. Buys seeds and if possible regrow plants from seeds, stems and shoots. Planters are also available for quite cheap and you can also make alcoves or nooks in the kitchen to grow them. Another great idea is to turn used tubs, containers, cartons, etc. into planters.

Better quality ingredients

Another great plus with this system is that when you grow your own fruits and herbs, you are assured of good quality. The quality of fruits, vegetables and rations available in the market is going down. Most are treated with chemicals and harmful sprays. These are detrimental to our health. Also, food travels long distances before it reaches your kitchen. This is especially true for urban dwellers. This reduces its count of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Garden fresh vegetables, on the other hand, are a lot more nutrient dense. They have a full bodied flavor and a rich taste. Moreover, they do not get sullied, limpy or muddy as they do not have to be in transit to reach users. Thus, foods cultivated in the garden are more wholesome and healthful than those available in the market.

The design

The designer has come up with a neat layout for this kitchen garden. It is appealing and does not create clutter inside your cookery. Metal racks have been mounted on walls which hold square shaped planters. A sizable slat has been suspended from the ceiling which is deep enough to accommodate soil and roots of plants. This is quite innovative, as room is created for growing plants without utilizing floor space in the kitchen. On the countertop, herbs and shoots are cultivated in the hollows created.

Wrap up

Such a garden, apart from being functional, also adds to the beauty of the kitchen. Planters and containers holding the green flora energize the kitchen. The kitchen acquires a clean and airy ambiance. Pops of green add a contrasting color to the kitchen, augmenting its aesthetic appeal. The kitchen garden has been conceptualized by the designer in a workshop partnership with the Parisot group. Sylvain Charria’s specialty fields are 3 D modeling, design management and industrial design. With an interesting portfolio to back his work, some of his other innovative creations are Wikiflow, Goggles, Dude Finder and Tomo.

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