Create your own speakers from a disposable dish!

disposable petri dish

With each passing day, more and more people are finding ways to convert what is normally trash in to something useful. It is also amazing how ‘Make it yourself’ kits are really catching on with people all over the world. It seems the interest in making electronic gadgets is only growing with each passing day. But the problem is that these so called ‘Do it yourself’ kits are really not as simple as and not a lot cheaper than the finished product itself. But this is really not something in the same category.

Here is a way to make “Hi-Fidelity Home Made Speaker” that not only sounds pretty cool but is indeed very simple to make. The speaker also does not require you to be very adept in handling electronic components. This unique and wonderful way of making a speaker with a disposable plate makes you wonder what the limit of creativity is. Apart from it, it also allows you to save plenty of plastic trash. This is not only wonderful in saving your bills, but also the planet from more plastic waste.

The whole thing is very simple and you will not need much more than some glue an adapter, a plug and some wires. Of course you will need that disposable plate too. You can find how to do it here. It offers a detailed and step-by-step description and you will yourself discover how easy the whole thing is. So go ahead and have fun!

Via: FayerWayer