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Crafting a Tea House out of Recycled Paper!

paper house 1
This would have been not as interesting or even stunning if one were to make a tea house out of paper for fun. You know those little toy houses that the young ones play with all day long in a cute fashion. But we are not talking about kids toys here. This is a real ‘Tea House’ made from recycled paper to obviously send out a green message to the world. It tells us to reduce, reuse and recycle and it does so with elegance and subtle style that is very charming indeed.

paper house 2

“Tea House” by architect Shigeru Ban, is perfect for those cozy afternoons drinking tea and it will soothe your sense along with the cup of beverage that you have. Being a coffee lover, I would much rather call this my own ‘Coffee House’ and that would be indeed great as I have always wanted one since the days of first watching ‘Friends’. The use of paper based building materials might prove to be a reasonable temporary housing solution in disaster zones around the globe. The concept is very useful in disaster management.
paper house 3

Measuring just over 5 meters long, this light weight shelter comes complete with a table and four stools, the house also features a waiting area with a bench in keeping with tea ceremony practice. Set to be auctioned off at London’s Phillips de Pury & Company, the Paper Tea house by Shigeru Ban will offered with a pre-sale estimate of £20,000 – 30,000. The entire structure is pretty cool, although it might need some care. It would be interesting to see if we have more designs like this.
paper house 4


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