Concrete rubbish bins – an innovative thought

An innovative idea, the concept of concrete rubbish bins is gaining ground. Life for a rag picker is difficult as they have to salvage through heaps of garbage lying openly in drains and garbage dumps. Plastic garbage bins are an outdated concept and with people realizing the need to work towards a greener tomorrow, the use of concrete rubbish bins is set to increase in coming times.

Concrete Rubbish Bin

Risks associated with plastic rubbish bins

The risks associated with plastic rubbish bins are multifold as they are an environmental hazard, owing to the use of low grade plastic in the manufacturing process. Besides, causing immense damage to the environment, plastic rubbish bins are prone to theft and get defunct with continuous use.

Need for concrete rubbish bins

The need for concrete rubbish bins has increased owing to the negative impact of plastic on the environment. The benefits are multifold and the use of concrete rubbish bins will encourage people to discard the garbage in the concrete bins. Being immobile, the presence of a concrete rubbish bin at a specific location will encourage the people in the vicinity to discard the garbage at the specified location.

The use of concrete as a construction material is indeed an environment friendly step. It limits the use of plastic and with the concrete rubbish bins being used at a large scale, imminent change in the environmental conditions in a locality is set to occur.

Concrete rubbish bins are a cost effective investment as these do not need to be replaced on a regular basis. The maintenance costs are minimal in case of concrete rubbish bins and the money saved can be used for installing new concrete rubbish bins. Going green is the new mantra in building a better tomorrow and a start can be made by installing a concrete bin in the neighborhood.

Via: YankoDesign