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Concept Road Ribs make your vehicle generate renewable energy

electricity generating road ribs 1

Eco Factor: Concept road ribs convert movement into electricity.

Electricity Generating Road Ribs is a conceptual design that makes vehicles generate renewable energy on the highways. Researchers believe that even the most efficient cars can’t convert the entire energy in fuels to usable energy and a major percentage of the available energy is wasted. These Road Ribs help convert some of this waste into a usable form, which can later be utilized to power highways lights or charge electric cars.

electricity generating road ribs 2

A moving vehicle makes the rib move as well, which helps generate renewable energy. Generated electricity is stored in a battery installed near the roadside. Once charged, the battery can be used to power any electrical device or may also be used at electric car charging stations. The ribs have been designed to withstand heavy trucks and cars without showing any signs of wear and tear.

electricity generating road ribs 3

Via: James Dyson Award

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