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Concept for everyday use: SM Electric bike

Just imagine the power of a motorcycle in a bicycle. SM Electric bike is such a concept, which has the features of a motorcycle in a typical bicycle. The highlight of this concept is the use of alternate energy to drive its wheels. Choosing electric source depicts the designer’s futuristic vision. This concept not only provides an opportunity for the users to choose an easy and short range commuting vehicle, but also gives them a choice to use green resources. The introduction of such concepts into the present scenario will eventually help us to cut down the carbon emissions drastically.

SM E- BIKE Concept


Facundo Mehrbald is one of the serious designers who aim to reduce the harmful carbon emissions, by providing alternative sources for commuters. When someone comes forward to use them, eventually many users around the world will start supporting and follow the right path. As “Action speaks louder than words”, Facundo decided to design the concept first, instead of just proposing the idea. The result of the designer’s hard work is the SM Electric bike concept. Like every professional designer, Facundo started with the hand drawn sketches. The designer thought that the idea of incorporating an electric motor in this bike will help the users to cover considerable distances, which everybody needs for their daily commuting purposes.


SM Electric bike concept may look like a high tech bicycle, but actually it’s more than that. The innovative design of the bike’s wheels with four swiveling forks captivates everybody at the first glimpse itself. The design of frame as short and thick further attracts the users making them wonder about its strength and ability. Surprisingly, this frame is one of the strongest parts of this concept. In fact, the design of this frame by means of hydro-forming technology had eliminated the use of complex welding processes. The number of individual parts has also been reduced, which minimizes the weight and averts the joining processes required to attach them together.

A 24V electric motor forms the power source which has the capacity of 300 watts. Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 12 a/h boosts the electric motor for its power. With an extra-ordinary design, this bike could reach a top speed of about 25 km/hr with a mileage range of about 40 km. The time required to recharge the battery pack takes about 3.5 to 6 hours. Reducing the number of frame components has not only avoided the manufacturing difficulties, but also has given a new dimension to such two-wheeled bikes.

There is an LED optic system below the handle bar for night riding. Use of LED sources reduces the power consumption without compensating on their capacity and performance. A rear light is also present just below the seat. The designer calls it as a cat’s eye due to its peculiar light reflecting style. The touch screen display shows the status of the battery, speedometer, odometer and the option for turning the power lights on/off. Above all, this bike could be driven by motor as well as by the user’s pedaling effort, thus proves its versatility for everyday use.

Source: Facundo Mehrbald

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