Computers powered by body heat could be the way forward

With increasing electricity bills, body heat powered computers could be the way to go. Heat is simply the transmission of current from a hot object towards a cold object. Technological advancements could make it possible to use heat released from the body or heat released from other waste items in the surroundings for our own benefit. This could mean running your computer using your body heat rather than electricity.

Body heat-powered computers a step closer

Heat always conducts from sideways and not from a top to bottom direction. Engineers have used principle to their advantage to create a thermal computer. This computer would be energy efficient and also help in eliminating waste heat in the environment. This also includes the heat generated by our body. Heat is transferred using three processes, namely conduction, convection, and radiation. This gives a chance to inventors to prohibit the impact of unwanted heat.

This principle has been demonstrated by Harvard colleagues using a thermal shield which comprises of a piston like cylinder. This cylinder is the size of a battery along with forty sporadic coatings of natural rubber. This also includes boron nitride-infused silicone elastomer. The device is covered in a block of conductive jelly. Being warm on one side and cold on the other side with no shield in place, the temperature gradient showcased that the shield omitted the heat current from the inside area without affecting its flow in the jelly outside. Later they modified it in a way that its layers surrounded it like a twisted mop. The findings of this experiment are due to be released in Physical Review Letters. This indicates that heat currents can be effectively harnessed for various electrical appliances. Heat currents can be manipulated and controlled like electric currents to achieve the desired results.

Via: SMH