CNG-powered boat races ahead with green intent at heart

natural gas boat1
There are plenty of electric-powered vehicles that are being rolled out these days as concept designs. Those in the process of conceptualizing these next-gen beauties seem to be at times lost too much in fantasy. But the Natural Gas Boat designed by Michele Stefàno is rooted in reality and is a design that actually could jump out of the drawing board and hit the waves.

natural gas boat2
The design is sleek with lines that reduce drag while adding to its beauty. The Natural Gas Boat runs on CNG and cuts down on bulk of emissions and while it is not completely green and clean, it is far better than gasoline guzzling yachts out there in the water today. The design and the CNG-powered engine allow the boat to hit a top speed of 45 Knots, which is pretty impressive anyway you look at it.
natural gas boat3
Combining speed with clean energy and trying to strike a balance between performance and ecological needs, the Natural Gas Boat is pretty safe to handle and far more reliable than models working on petrol. Considering the cost effective nature of CNG, this will also go easy on your pocket strings. Fancy a ride, folks?
natural gas boat4
natural gas boat5
Via: Tuvie