Cloud Skippers: A community that lives in the air

The Cloud Skippers is an amazing concept by Gretchen Stump who has conceptualized a community of adventurous people who choose to leave land and live among the clouds in machine-like houses that are totally the reverse like on Earth. These houses glide, drift and sway with the wind and are self-sufficient. The houses float in the sky with the help of huge wings and long cable that make them function like huge kites. The Cloud Skippers utilize the constant streams of winds called the jet streams that blow at a speed that exceeds 100 miles per hour. The strong current of the jet streams is what holds these huge structures in the air continuously.

Cloud Skippers

This concept is very novel, as it makes use of the enormous amount of space we have between the earth and the atmosphere. The Earth is slowly getting crowded due to overpopulation and also because of the fact that the habitable places are few and people are clustered in those areas only. However, futuristic technology and designs such as the Cloud Skipper are a great solution to creating more space for humans. Creating self-sufficient homes in the sky is a very innovative idea that would be an entirely different experience for humanity. Many scientists are conducting research regarding how various regions (that were apparently uninhabitable) can now be conquered and made habitable for humans and other forms of life.

Scientists are also hopeful of creating a liveable village on the moon, whereas others are in the process of coming out with innovative technology of how to make the deserts more habitable. The large expanse of space we have in the sky was entirely not exploited and with the concept of the Cloud Skipper, we now can take our imaginations one step ahead and think of new methods of creating habitable areas that float amongst the clouds. The best part about the Cloud Skipper would definitely be its power to harness solar as well as wind energy. Being placed closer to the sun in the sky, the Cloud Skipper would be able to harness the energy of the sun for powering the structure. Furthermore, as the Cloud Skipper is located in the fast-moving jet stream current, therefore, it would be able to harness wind energy optimally. Therefore, producing power of its own would never be an issue with this amazing floating structure.

The Cloud Skipper, when developed, would definitely be a path-breaking innovation.

Via: Coroflot