Citroen E-3POD Antistatic – A graceful ‘fusion’ of bike and car

epod 1 500x318

Heikki Juvonen, a second year MA student from the Royal College of Art, has come up with a uniquely refined, compelling design for an ultra-compact vehicle. Dubbed as E-3POD Antistatic, the futuristic vehicle is a single-seater concept that won the top prize in a Citroën sponsored project in the UK, called the Double Challenge.

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Audacious and harmonious at the same time, this sleek design makes way for an exclusive Citroën e-vehicle aesthetic for the future. This single-seat conception features two smaller wheels at the front with the driver sitting embedded ‘inside’ a much larger third wheel without an axis.

epod 3 500x330

Basically designed for urban commuting, this single-seater is designed to be ultra light, agile and having good controls. The lowered weight is accentuated in the design conception such as the rear wheel, which works as a supportive structural element and the shared suspension for both front wheels. Scratch resistant plastic has also been used for the covering canopy.

epod 4 500x370

Singularly aerodynamic in its style, this vehicle is not anticipated to replace cars, but rather expected to uphold its own position between cars and motor-bikes. With rare yet convenient features like silent electric engine and expected affordable price – it can certainly hope to stand its ground.

Source : Paultan