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Circadia Alarm Clock: A symbiotic relationship with your indoor plants

Chronobiology is the study of biological rhythms that repeat themselves at a regular period of time. What we commonly refer to as an internal body clock is something that is ingrained in all life forms and different such clocks tick at different rates to drive our natural instincts and needs. A Circadian rhythm is a biological clock that repeats itself after every 24 hours and designer of ‘Circadia’ has decided to use this feature to create a symbiotic relationship between man and plants.

Circadia by Jonas Otto

The idea is to ensure that indoor plants are taken care off in a proper way and to ensure that man depends on the plant at some level, just like the plant depends on his human companion for its survival needs. The Circadia has an alarm system that will wake you up at the desired time and will also intimate you to water the plant. This the plant gets its much needed watering exactly once every 24 hours and of course, you better put in a plant that does not need much more watering than that.

A lot of times we do tend to neglect indoor plants because much like our pets, they do not demand attention. But in the case of Circadia Alarm Clock, you will get a timely reminder from the plant that it needs to be watered. Maybe you can even set it to ring twice a day or even thrice depending on your plant’s watering needs. A really lovely idea which ensures you took good care of the green that you have invited into your home…

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