Chicago’s stint with urban food production

Project : Urban food production

Location : lllinois, Chicago

Competition of the project : 2010

Client : Terreform

Facilities : Food production, housing and parking

Architect : Cristea and Atelier Zundal

The concept of urban food production is the result of years of thinking and applying the systematic approach to transform the city into a balanced structure of economy and ecology. The city comprise leisure, work, transportation and domesticity.

Urban food production chicago

The ecological value :

In order to use ecological values, the urban settings are used to boost up the natural qualities of life. The urban societies today avail the opportunity of changing economical values to the ecological ones. Previously city was considered mineral based and added value only for service sector and transportation working for progress and efficiency day and night. But this project comes with a hope to give some ecological values to these cities.

The project is based on the following capabilities :

  • Recycling of organic elements and minerals
  • Presence of available energy
  • Presence of essential elements of life
  • Interrelation of food, environment and energy
  • Distribution, variation and abundance of species
  • Interdependence of natural process, human conditions and biophysical conditions

So, the urbanization brings the climatic and the biological aspects and helps in studying the important natural system to rearrange and reorganize the defaults of urban society. For this, proper planning is required which includes the areas like air purity, humidity, sunlight and temperature. Planning today is based on the interdependence of human and natural processes.

Utility of urban house production :

The city has a garden that whirls. These can be executed for agricultural use and then be transformed consecutively into food source for school canteens, bottling or canary sites and restaurants. Wind turbines are the most adorned feature. The splendid landscape is just perfect without discrediting the effects of standardization of fast food culture and industrialization.

Via : Zundelcristea