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The renewable energy revolution has arrived – Are you game?

With thousands of green initiatives taken every day, it is not far away that the renewable energy revolution arrives in this world. Soon, we will see fossil fuels being replaced by cleaner renewable sources of energy. Here are some of the major indicators that point toward the occurrence of this revolution in near future. Continue reading The renewable energy revolution has arrived – Are you game?

Why Eco Cars Could Be A Bargain

Whereas 4 or 5 years ago there was still a great deal of nervousness from car drivers about the option of ‘going eco’, the motoring landscape is now beginning to shift, with many of the main manufacturers embracing eco technology (although admittedly not wholeheartedly).


Of course, many would argue that they have no choice. Oil is a finite commodity afterall, and although it shows no immediate signs of running out, it inevitably will one day, and probably in the not too distant future. Due to this, it is undoubted that we should all be going eco sooner rather than later. But, just how much money can they save you? This post aims to find out…


Coinciding With the Trend


Recent changes to both UK and EU legislation mean that people are now starting to see the financial benefits of going eco, with those opting for greener engines paying far less road tax (and in some cases none at all).
With the development of LPG, hybrid cars and electric cars, it seems as though these savings will only become more substantial over time. The more widespread green driving becomes, the more costs will fall.

 solar powered car

What About the Cars?


The joy of eco cars is that there’s now an option to suit you. From low emitters to petrol hybrids to fully electric vehicles, there’s something to suit your needs and requirements.


Of course at full price and brand new they still expensive vehicles, but if you buy a second hand one online from somewhere like Exchange and Mart, the savings can be significant.


This means that, when you’re trading in your old petrol or diesel car, it is now just as cheap (if not cheaper) to trade in for an electric car than another petrol model. This means that the largest barrier to most people owning an electric car, the cost of the purchase, has now been eliminated.


So, between saving hundreds of pounds on road tax and thousands on a vehicle (if buying used), the savings are immediately obvious, and that’s before savings on fuel and insurance. If you live in London, you’ll also be exempt from London Congestion Charge.



To conclude, buying an eco car could be cheaper than you’d ever imagined, and it is now entirely cost effective (and costs will only come down further). So, with oil stocks depleting, isn’t it about time you made the change and became fully green conscious?

Simple and superb ways to lower your home carbon footprint

We all know that climate change is taking place, which is not good for life on earth. We all also know that we all are the reason for the climate change. To go by the data released by some environmentalists, around 48 percent more carbon dioxide release is taking place all over the world as compared to the year 1992. The data reveals how we human beings are making earth a tougher place to live. However, some awareness has come in, as some people and organizations have come forward to put in efforts and bring down the carbon footprint level. Continue reading Simple and superb ways to lower your home carbon footprint

Beautiful jewelry and designs made from recycled Nespresso Capsules

Nespresso Capsules are coffee capsules used in coffee machines. In the year 2010, about 10 billion of capsules were sold around the globe and while the coffee was used, the capsule itself found its way to the landfill. These capsules became a source of inspiration for artists, who decided to design jewelry and accessories, which not only add up to beauty of the women but also became another way of recycling the Nespresso Capsules. Some of the jewelries have been listed below that are original and must admit that the design are eye catching.

Continue reading Beautiful jewelry and designs made from recycled Nespresso Capsules

Male eco celebs who have taken green strides ahead

What is more attractive than a celeb’s face? The way he treats the communities and environment around him. Here are a couple of celebrity men whose philanthropic work make them look even more attractive than they already are.

Continue reading Male eco celebs who have taken green strides ahead

Weird yet perfectly renewable energy resources for a green future

We all know about the usual contenders in alternative energy: The ever-preppy solar energy, the never there when you need it wind energy, and hot and heavy geothermal. But you’ve never seen alternative energy like this before. Here are a couple of the strangest renewable energies I’ve ever heard.

Continue reading Weird yet perfectly renewable energy resources for a green future

Futuristic clothing that comes with a touch of eco-consciousness

We are in a world of fast developing technology. But the technology doesn’t only extend to tools and gadgets. It is also beginning to expand to clothing. Clothing of the future is being designed, clothes that will improve our lifestyles and health. Here are a couple of the most futuristic designs.

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Eco-friendly beds for your pets

Summers are just round the corner and pets enjoy lazing around the house during this time. Dog beds are a great lounging place for the canines and provide them ultimate comfort during their lounging hours in the summer afternoons. Here are some amazing eco-friendly bed designs for dogs: Continue reading Eco-friendly beds for your pets

Eco-Friendly Swimwear is a Great Buy

The Wonderful Idea of Eco-Friendly Swimwear

Eco-friendly swimwear is a brilliant idea and is slowly gaining prevalence all around the world. Women who seek quality without troubling the environment have landed themselves a jackpot. For, not only do these swimsuits fit perfectly and enhance the body but are also eco-friendly. What more could one be asking for? Moreover, these swimsuits do not lag behind in fashion. Hence, it is an entire package to look forward to. A woman is totally going to love this kind of swimsuit. For, not only does one look awesome but one also does their bit for the environment.

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Cities high on environmental sustainability

To live a healthy and a contended life money is vital and so is a clean and a green environment. It is imperative to protect the environment and the surroundings in the best condition if you want to lead a happy and a healthy life. For an ideal ecosystem, the inhabitants must be conscious and well aware of the outcomes of their actions. Like, the increasing population is putting increasing demands on the energy consumption and other resources. Therefore, it is very important for the nations to indulge in practices that do not over exploit natural resources and do not pollute the environment.

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