Eco friendly measures not working for the residents of Pavilion Gardens

Eco friendly homes are always the best option to live in as it helps in saving a lot of energy. However, some of the residents from Pavilion Gardens are not satisfied of the eco friendly measures taken for saving the expenses. Reason behind this is that, people who had taken the eco friendly measures to save on their expenses for electricity are facing high charges in compared to what they were paying previously. Although the housings are installed with the best green and eco friendly features, homeowners are complaining about the problems of continues increase in their utility bills, which have increased since the eco friendly measures have been taken […]


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Posted by Ecofriend1874 - February 25, 2013 at 8:12 am

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Can you name some eco friendly fashion designers who presents top quality eco friendly products?

I am an eco friendly guy so I prefer to have everything environmental friendly.But one thing where I think I am lacking is my clothing. So first of all I want to ask you that what kind of eco friendly clothing lines should I wear and where can I get them?


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