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Benefits of using Eco friendly kitchen appliances

“Go Green” is the most happening initiative that people world over are taking in order to save the planet Earth. Today, people prefer to indulge in green activities because they have realized the importance of all the green initiatives, which are helpful for the environment and for all of us as well. There is a very simple relationship between environment and us, if we protect the environment, it will protect us, and the vice versa. There are ample of green solutions that one can utilize at homes to make it an eco-friendly home. Continue reading Benefits of using Eco friendly kitchen appliances

Simple ways to reduce air conditioner usage at home

Come summer and the air conditioner in every home would be turned up full blast. Sadly, that would reflect on the electricity bill, which would easily increase by at least double the amount you usually get. So what can you do to remain cool indoors during the blistering summer season without actually using the air conditioner too much? Well, here are some excellent tips you can try out!

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Future Perfect: Energy efficient home lighting, courtesy LED bulbs

With the increasing electricity bills, people are turning toward energy-efficient lighting that includes natural, as well as artificial light sources. Even the companies are looking forward to develop such types of lights that consume lesser power, while providing equal brightness.

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Best bathroom lighting ideas that help conserve energy

You might think that using a CFL or LED lighting will not make a major impact in conserving energy but in reality if every household takes simple and easy measures to save energy, it can make a substantial difference to our environment. Planning efficient and effective lighting for your bathroom area can add a lot of zing to your bathroom. If you take simple precautionary measures to save cost and energy, you can contribute your bit in saving the planet and its limited resources like power. Eco-friendly lighting is important for those folks who want to enjoy a sustainable living. Many factors like your vanity fittings and lightings can help in creating a green bathroom. Modern day companies are leaving no stone un-turned to offer their consumers effective and efficient environment friendly lighting techniques. Here is a description of such options for creating a green bathroom.

Eco-friendly bathroom lighting ideas

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Eco friendly bathroom cabinets

These days people are opting for eco-friendly policies while designing their home especially bathrooms. Eco-friendly bathroom cabinets are available in a wide range providing you with a fantastic looking and environment friendly bathroom. These cabinets are made up of materials like sustainable timber, wheat board, and bamboo. In fact, bamboo cabinets are highly preferable for bathroom because they are more resistant to moisture and humidity, grow much faster than wood, and have incredible strength, natural aesthetic beauty, and regenerative properties. Additionally, designers are utilizing low emitting materials that help in maintaining the quality of air. Here is a description of some environment friendly bathroom cabinets that are quite beneficial for conservation of natural resources.

Eco-friendly bathroom cabinets

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Eco friendly shower designs that help conserve water

We all are aware about the hazards of water scarcity and how it might become the cause for a third world war. Authorities at Municipal Corporations around the world have a thumb rule of allotting 100 to150 litres of water usage per person, domestically. A shower of five minutes uses up to 20 litres of water. Two showers a day in hot and humid weather would use up to 25 percent or even more of the day’s usage capacity, leaving inadequate amounts of water for other needs. Attempts on finding ways to economize water usage in a shower are on worldwide. Some of these eco friendly options also help in water recycling and saving electricity for hot showers. Read after the break to learn more.

Eco-friendly shower

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Is choosing an eco friendly home elevator a smart choice?

Eco friendly elevators are the new rage as they are energy efficient and cost efficient to operate. Green elevators offer energy efficient operation while providing the same level of comfort and ride quality as that of traditional elevators. They can be easily installed and need minimum equipment to set up. Modern eco friendly elevators have more lifespan than the traditional elevators. All the traditional elevators like hydraulic and traction elevators are now coming with environmental friendly features. There are newer varieties like Vacuum elevators, which can use energy more efficiently. Instead of using cables and pistons like the traditional elevators, some of the latest environmentally friendly elevators are even powered by air and can recycle much of the energy, which generally goes waste.

Eco-friendly Home Elevator

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Best eco friendly bathroom vanities

Environmentally-friendly bathroom vanities can help safeguard the earth and help us to do our bit in saving our planet’s natural and non-renewable resources. Most of these ideas can also help you save you money in the long term. Today, most companies are focusing on going green as Eco-friendly is the latest buzz. Creation of an Eco-friendly bathroom helps in getting the right look and feel with ample use of Eco-friendly materials. Off late, many people have changed their opinion about traditional bathroom setups and have become extremely conscious in maintaining their bathrooms in an environment friendly way which is more appealing and hygienic as the rest of their home and surrounding. Read more to find out come Eco-Friendly bathroom vanities for that new look.

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Energy-generating furniture units

Renewable energy and furniture doesn’t seem to tune any chord between them. While furniture is used to improve the aesthetics of your house, renewable energy needs specialized systems, which have to be placed in a way that brings them close to natural sources of energy. Proving conventions wrong, industrial designers have taken up the task to merge the two to create furniture that by harnessing energy adds significance to its artistic value. Check out some of the most striking energy generating furniture designs…

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Concept washing machines that will make your laundry room green

With homeowners getting conscious about the appliances they use and their energy consumption, there has been a sudden shift in trends toward devices that in one way or the other help conserve the already scarce natural resources. When water conservation is the need of the hour, washing machines should be looked up to. To a homeowner’s delight, industrial designers are working hard to develop washers that not only promise to save water but reduce energy consumption as well. Here are a few such concept designs that should help make your laundry room greener in the near future:

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