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Mobile bus shelters create a new hope for Hawaii’s homeless

The number of homeless individuals thronging urban areas has manifold over the past decade, owing to factors like economic crises, urban migration and natural disasters. While many choose to ignore these homeless people, others tend to find out ways to offer some kind of help to these people. One such humanitarian effort involves building portable shelters for these people to live in. Continue reading Mobile bus shelters create a new hope for Hawaii’s homeless

Carrying out sustainable renovations for your home

Every home, be it small city apartment or a big countryside dwelling, needs a makeover or renovation after some time. Whether you bought an old home that needs some improvements or planning to make changes in your existing home, you must consider options that not just help you reduce your carbon footprints but also utility bills. These days many eco-friendly options are available to renovate your home. All you need to do is be a bit more aware and choose your renovation materials carefully. Here are some home improvement ideas that will help you make your home more sustainable. Continue reading Carrying out sustainable renovations for your home

The Most Economical Generators for Every Occasion



Generators are absolute lifesavers for a lot of people. Providing electricity in places or situations where otherwise none would be available has helped everyone from an individual at home to big businesses. Creating electricity through the combustion of petrol or diesel means they’re not the greenest of tools but they do encourage restricted energy use.

When most people think of generators they will imagine huge, expensive models used to power stages at festivals but there are smaller and affordable versions around that can help in your home life or work.

Home Use

Generators are most useful at home for providing a backup in case of a power cut. They help keep important appliances such as refrigerators and freezers running and therefore are best in areas subject to regular and lengthy power outages. You won’t want to have to use it much so the cheaper the better. The 2.7 kVA Honda GX160 petrol generator is perfect in this sense, providing enough power for home appliances without breaking the bank.


Camping Trips

Similar to generators for the home, unless you’re a regular adventurer, generators for camping trips will be used sparingly so you want to keep the price low. Ideal for trips into the wild away from power sources found on most campsites, portable versions are best. At under £150 the 2.8 kVA heavy duty portable petrol generator available from SGS Engineering is perfect. Or for more power and wheels to make moving the generator around easier, the 4.0 kVA version is available at just under £200.

Construction Sites

It’s not just during leisure time that generators come in handy though. They can be vital in various sectors, most notably for anyone in the construction business. Being away from a power source can make using tools that rely on electricity impossible, which is where generators come in. Welder generators are often above the £1000 price mark but cheaper ones can be found, especially if you buy second hand.

Business Use

Diesel generators are more suited for longer use or to provide lots of energy for companies on specific occasions. The 6.0 kVA Yanmar super silent diesel generator costs around £2500 but for the more expensive price it will run for 17 hours with a big 17 litre tank. Far too excessive for home use it is a great backup for most businesses or for use at a village fair for example.

Notable home constructions achieved with waste and recycled materials

More and more people nowadays are becoming environmentally conscious and adapting eco-friendly ways of living. Homes created using recycled or waste material are a good way of conserving the environment. We take a look at some such initiatives. Continue reading Notable home constructions achieved with waste and recycled materials

Making shelters for the homeless from repurposed shipping containers

There is no dearth of homeless wanderers on earth. At times it is the natural disaster that leaves multitudes of people homeless, and the other times it is the financial crunch, which hits so bad that the people cannot even afford small homes to live. Many researchers and NGOs keep finding out solutions to help homeless people to get reasonable homes, and one such solution that has come up is the shipping container. Recycled shipping containers can serve as nice temporary shelters. Continue reading Making shelters for the homeless from repurposed shipping containers

Plan eco-friendly interior decorations for your home

Your home is a part of your identity. It demonstrates your tastes and likings. Every individual wants to decorate his or her house in such a way that it reflects their personality. Eco friendly interior decorations suggest that the residents of the house have sympathy for their surrounding environment and understand the importance of keeping their home free of pollutants. It may not be apparent but our home gets polluted from synthetic fibers and colors. You spend a major amount of time inside your home with your family. It is your duty to decorate it with materials that do not pollute the home and its surrounding environment. You must find out which materials are environment friendly and suitable for your house.

Continue reading Plan eco-friendly interior decorations for your home

Ideas to make your kitchen beautifully eco friendly

There is nothing better than making your kitchen environmentally friendly. Many people in today’s world do think on similar lines, but do not possess an exact plan of action on things to be done. To help these people in setting up their eco-friendly kitchen, here are a few tips.

  1. Always seek to buy from local stores. Many people do not realize the amount of fuel wasted by bigger brands in shipping their products. Also, the products are mostly exposed to different chemical preservatives and toxicants to keep the product fresh. Local products are fresher and in buying these products, you are supporting your native economy.
  2. Many people tend to seek chemical products for kitchen cleansing purposes. No doubt, these products are effective, yet they carry a sign of being poisonous. They are not environmental friendly while also being not safe for living beings. Using natural cleansing agents such as baking soda primarily can provide an eco-friendly solution.
  3. Throwing off waste produced in the kitchen, such as the vegetable scrap, can result in dumping and wastage ultimately. Instead, try to use such waste for productive purposes. For example, those who have a garden can use this waste to create manure and compost.
  4. Using efficient lighting system in your kitchen is also a great way of conserving our environment. It is a well-known fact that CFLs are known to conserve lesser energy while also dissipating lesser heat than other light sources. Replacing your existing lighting system with CFLs is a great way of cutting down on negative environmental impact.
  5. Make sure that you cut down on appliances that create energy wastage. Cooling solutions in most cases are often deemed to have harmful effects on the environment. Ensure that your kitchen is ventilated properly so that heat is properly dissipated. Using cooling solutions to mask improper ventilation can cause significant damage to the home environment in addition to the outer environment.
  6. Most importantly, make sure that the material used in the design of your kitchen is eco-friendly and recyclable. Materials such as teak, ebony, bamboo, timber are just some of the examples of recyclable items. Exquisite floorings and cabinets can be carved out from these objects.
  7. The size of the kitchen utensils also plays a key role. Using optimal utensils for cooking purposes is essential to ensure that there is no energy wastage. Recently, induction cooking solutions have also been introduced in the market. They are known for their lesser energy consumption as compared to the other cooking appliances.

To conclude, ensure that each activity associated with your kitchen is a positive step taken in the direction of conserving the environment.



Sustainable eco-friendly furniture

Sustainable furniture is the latest trend

Environment is facing a lot of threats these days and we can do our bit by adopting some sustainable methods. People around the world have joined hands for this social cause and doing whatever they can to go green and save the planet. There is nothing that is not available in an eco-friendly version these days which makes it easier for us to adopt green methods. Sustainable and environmental friendly furniture is also among the other eco friendly things available in the market. If you have a green home and do not have sustainable furniture then your green home loses half its purpose. It is important for one and all to realize the importance of choosing sustainable products and practices.


The sustainable furniture items are manufactured from eco friendly materials and they are stylish and contemporary plus they have an upper hand on the standard furniture which is far from being safe for the environment. If you are an environment lover then there is not doubt that you will love the sustainable furniture. There are many advantages of switching to eco friendly furniture from the regular furniture.


Pros of eco friendly furniture

  • Environment friendly furniture is a good option for the user as well as the planet because the building procedure of such furniture does not allow the involvement of any sort of harmful chemicals. In spite of being free of all the toxic stuff these furniture are strong and durable.
  • The balance of the earth remains unaffected when wood is procured for building of such furniture and hence they pose no threat to the environment.
  • Reducing carbon footprint becomes easy with the help of sustainable furniture plus you make a noteworthy contribution in preventing this planet from demons like global warming and logging.
  • Eco friendly furniture is very long lasting which means that once you buy them you can forget about replacing them for a long time. Another important thing is that they are quite economical when compared to the regular furniture.
  • If the furniture is eco friendly it will have no connection with style- this statement is entirely bogus as sustainable and eco friendly furniture is full of style and you can buy all kinds of such furniture from contemporary to traditional. You will also find a lot of options to choose from and all these options will be appealing in every manner.


What to search when shop for sustainable furniture?

We discussed the purpose of sustainable furniture and we also talked about the advantages but what we haven’t discussed yet is what to look when you are out for buying it.

  • Certified wood: whenever you buy a new piece of furniture make sure to look for a certification by FSC as that will tell you that the furniture qualifies on social and environmental standards.
  • Recycled products: now-a-days furniture is manufactured from reclaimed wood, recycled plastic and recycled metal which obviously are a better option.
  • Other sustainable options: some of the bamboo furniture is regarded as less eco friendly but they will do just fine because bamboo is one of the most eco friendly products because it does not need pesticides and it grows very quickly.


Sustainable furniture is an excellent option for one and all and the above discussion will help you to understand many things about it. Environment is diminishing on a fast pace and therefore it becomes very important to take accurate steps as early as we can and sustainable furniture is not that a big step but each drop will make an ocean.


Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo furniture has been in demand since many years now but bamboo flooring is setting the new trends in the market these days. With people restoring to the better alternatives of having a wooden flooring, bamboos have certainly emerged as the top most choice of people to be used for their flooring material as they have lately realized its benefits. Few of the advantages of the bamboo flooring are as stated below:

[box_light]Durable and Strong[/box_light]

Bamboo wood is way much stronger and hence durable and any other type of wood available in the market as flooring material. It is quite hard in nature and can thus survive even if there is regular traffic in your home.

[box_light]Compatible with all decors[/box_light]

The stylish quotient of the bamboo flooring just cannot be ignored in these days. The bamboo wood is having a very unique and inviting appeal to it which can beautify the look of your home. Moreover, the best part about having the bamboo flooring is that you would not be required to replace your decor as it looks good with every type of decor.

[box_light]Ease in cleaning[/box_light]

The basic problem these days is scarcity of time with the people. Managing office and home together means performing double job. However, the bamboo flooring is really easy to clean and indeed less time consuming. You are just required to use a dust mop to make your floor look shiny and beautiful as ever.

[box_light]Fits in your budget[/box_light]

If you are having any budget issues then having bamboo flooring is the most stylish alternative you can have within your budget as it is 20-50 per cent cheaper than the other types of woods. Thus, you can enjoy having a smart flooring material with fewer amounts to spend on.

[box_light]Easy installation[/box_light][box_dark][/box_dark]

Installing bamboo flooring in your house would not take days but only a few hours unlike other types of floorings. Besides, if you are not having much budget to hire the professionals for its installation, you can do the job on your own too as it is very simple and quick process.


Adding to all the above features, the environmental issues can also be solved to a great extent if one opts for bamboo flooring. As the natural resources are getting depleted from the earth at an alarming rate, restoring to bamboo wood instead of the hardwood would be a better option as bamboo wood grows back at a faster pace than the hardwood which takes a lot of time to grow back and  hence is being depleted at a higher rate.

Home Cleaning Products – Helping or Hurting?

Who doesn’t like to have a clean home?  Most of use commercial cleaning products to do the work – never stopping to realize that they may be harming us.  Pollutants and toxins are all around us.  We think of  all the obvious places – food, water and outdoor air.  Many people are not even aware of the chemicals that are present in different cleaning products and how indoor air quality is impacted due to these chemicals.


So before we head off to the store for cleaning supplies, here is a list to be aware of:

Around the Home:

  • Glass Cleaners:  Any spray cleaning agent has chemicals like propylene glycol and 2 propanol, both of which are suspected of being toxic to the reproductive, respiratory and immune system.
  • All purpose Cleaners:  there are quite a few of those on the market.  Some even have names which make them sound environmentally friendly – these contain solvents like 2-butoxyethanol which is believed to damage red blood cells.


In the Bathroom:

  • Disinfectant Sprays:  People are so paranoid about germs that they try to get every surface squeaky clean by using disinfectants.  Most of these have ingredients like ethyl alcohol, triethanolamine and other chemicals which could cancer and respiratory problems.  Especially because they come as aerosol sprays.
  • Toilet Cleaners:  These are probably the most commonly used items in the house.  Chemicals like ethyl alcohol, oxalic acid and others end up in the sewage system and may come back as recycled water.  These ingredients may cause asthma, respiratory issues and quite a few others.

Around the House:

  • Stain Removers: who likes to look at toilets or sinks with hard water or rust stains? Commercial rust stain removers can be found in stores, no doubt and they even have cautionary warnings posted on their products.  There are alternative ways to get these stains out using household products.
  • Floor Cleaners:  Many cleaners have been banned in the state of California – some of the products have a chemical called onylphenol ethoxylate which is toxic to the environment and wreaks havoc on hormones in the human body.
  • Drain Cleaners:  Quite a few on the market – can cause skin problems and also respiratory issues.

In the Kitchen:

  • Dishwashing detergents:  Dishwashing detergent, anti spotting liquids and regular dish detergent have chemicals and fragrances added in which are known irritants.

There are many other ways to clean the home effectively and efficiently.  Try to minimize exposure to chemicals by using alternative cleaners and be sure to read the labels to avoid harmful products.