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Picking up the right way to manage your home waste

Every day homes across the world send billions of tones of household waste to landfills, causing various health and environmental problems. If we keep disposing the household waste with the same pace and volume, we will have huge piles of garbage all around us. Therefore, it becomes important for us to reduce or manage our household waste to keep our surroundings clean and green. All we need to do is be a bit more thoughtful and organized while managing our household waste. Here are some simple but at the same time effective ways to manage our household waste. Continue reading Picking up the right way to manage your home waste

Energy Efficient Televisions for clean, green entertainment

Television may be a great source of entertainment for many but conventional TV sets also consumes a lot of energy, increasing our carbon footprints. With increasing energy coasts and so many gadgets and appliances running in modern homes, need for some energy efficient entertainment devices has been felt more than ever before. However, with upgraded technology, now a large number of hi-tech TV sets are hitting the market that not just possess energy efficient features but also offer great picture quality to enhance the experience of users. Here are some of the most sustainable TVs available in the market. Continue reading Energy Efficient Televisions for clean, green entertainment

Electronic waste is a scary troublemaker for our environment

The life span of electronic gadgets and appliances is not very long. Advancement of technology spurs gadget, tablet and smart phone owners to quickly discard their old electronic items and buy the latest models. This increases the amount of electronic waste created by us. If not recycled properly then electronic waste can cause serious damage to our ecosystem. Continue reading Electronic waste is a scary troublemaker for our environment

Yorkshire’s eco friendly plant turns cooking oil into electricity

Greener initiatives are on a high throughout the world. Adding to these initiatives, a new green power plant in Yorkshire has made it big enough, to gather appreciation from all ends. This new green power plant has the ability to turn cooking oil into electricity. Waste oil, even the fat from the fryers at the fish and chip shops, is being collected to generate green electricity from them at this all-new green power plant. With measures like these adopted each new day, one can surely say that the world has become responsible in their living. Continue reading Yorkshire’s eco friendly plant turns cooking oil into electricity

The Green Jobs

If you are someone who has a passion or an inclination towards being Green, now you can even make this passion your profession as well. They say, one should do a job that they find to be interesting and exciting, as one excels only in things that are of their interest. If doing something related to sustaining the environment and the ecosystem makes you feel good then imagine how well you would do if given an opportunity to serve in the same field. Scroll through to find out some green jobs or the environmental friendly jobs that people with a penchant for green life would love to do: Continue reading The Green Jobs

Gardening on the Wild Side

Just because you live in the city and your garden is a patch of concrete, it doesn’t mean you can’t propagate a little wildlife garden. Even a few pots of the right plants and a washtub pond can attract an amazing array of creatures. And with bees, hedgehogs, sparrows, song thrushes and stag beetles in decline, everyone’s help is needed.


Whether you use a rigid form, bitumen liner or even a builder’s bucket, your pond will soon be visited by all sorts of guests, including dragonflies, water boatmen, frogs and even newts. Birds will use it for bathing and drinking too. If you introduce fish, which aren’t actually necessary, you’ll want a pump and UV filter to keep the water clean and clear. Underwater lighting can be an attractive feature to really show off your pond and the creatures in it. Ensure you have shelves so that amphibians or anything that happens to fall in can get out, and include marginal plants such as purple loosestrife which attracts bees, and meadowsweet, which is great for birds in the autumn. It’s also good to include oxygenating plants to help keep the water clear. Try to keep to native plants if possible.

Small-scale farmers

Floors and Walls

Decking and paving aren’t the best choices for a wildlife garden but at least try to include patches of grass here and there. Wood chippings can help keep weeds at bay and woodlice, earwigs and ants will move in. Blackbirds and robins will forage for tasty treats too. If you’re on good terms with your neighbours, discuss ditching the fencing in favour of hedging. There are many suitable, native hedgerow plants, many of which provide flowers and berries for insects, birds and mice. Hedges that aren’t over pruned can provide shelter, a nesting or hibernation spot, and a feast for a plethora of grateful guests. Varieties such as holly, juniper and hawthorn made terrific wildlife hedges and those with thorns can be a deterrent to burglars. If you plant ivy with your hedge, butterflies will overwinter in it and its berries will provide additional food. For more information on hedges, the Wildlife Trusts have produced an excellent factsheet.


Even if container gardening is your only option, you can still create an amazing wildlife sanctuary. Plant your tubs with peat-free compost and include nectar-rich species for butterflies and other insects. Choose early varieties such as English bluebells, as well as late species like lavender, so there’s food for most of the year. Include long-lasting marigolds and buddleia too. Many herbs are adored by bees, such as borage, sage and comfrey. Stinging nettle and nasturtiums will be munched by larvae, and ivy can provide hibernation cover. Your containers can be as quirky as you like: old watering can, birdcage or even an old Wellington boot. Have them hanging and at ground level.

For very little cost and with a bit of imagination, your urban garden could be a welcome respite for UK wildlife.


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Money Spinning Business Opportunities in Waste Management

Waste management is an important phenomenon that saves the environment from pollution and landfill sites, and makes it a better place to live. However, waste management is not profitable only for the environment but for the economy as well, as it generates employment on different scales. Waste management is a major moneymaker if you consider it from the business point of view. Very few people are well versed with the true abundance of business opportunities that a waste management sector has. Read further to find out a plethora of business opportunities a waste management sector has to offer you. Continue reading Money Spinning Business Opportunities in Waste Management

Celebrities who lead with example on going environmentally friendly

All of us love celebrities and sometimes we get envious of their wealth and the super influence that they have on people like us. However, celebs inspire us in many ways as well, like the green initiatives taken by many of them, which in turn have influenced common people also to be a part of this great initiative to save the planet. Some celebrities only like to do some charity in the name of green activities, while others prefer to take an active part in green activities and work to spread awareness. Take a look through the following list to find out those celebrities who keep participating in several green initiatives to save the planet and to make it a better place to live in. Continue reading Celebrities who lead with example on going environmentally friendly

How to Treat Tree Wounds Effectively

Tree wounds are quite common that occur due to various reasons, such as insect attack, animal damage, broken branches or abrasions. These wounds tend to break the bark and result in damage to tissues that produce water and food. Such wounds also result in exposure of internal parts of the tree to bacterial infection and eventually start decaying. Even though we cannot stop decay completely, but timely measures taken to heal the wound can help the tree remain healthy. Continue reading How to Treat Tree Wounds Effectively

Reducing construction’s impact on environment with alternatives to cement blocks

Saving the environment is a serious issue and the first thing we need to do is reduce our carbon footprint. Apart from reducing usage of our car, saving electricity and using recyclable products, we also need to look at how our houses are constructed. One of the main ingredients of any house construction is cement, which comes with a huge carbon footprint of its own. Construction in general is one of the most intensive processes, and has a huge carbon footprint. Let us now look at some of the alternative solution that we have. Continue reading Reducing construction’s impact on environment with alternatives to cement blocks