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Plan an eco-friendly retreat with these green hotels

Spending a vacation in a luxury hotel may help you relax your body and mind, but these hotels go to any extent to allow comfort to their guests and thus, put eco-friendly measures at stake and increase their carbon footprints. However, with the arrival of ecotourism, many hotels across the world are switching towards eco-friendly measures to ensure clean, green holiday to travelers looking for a sustainable lifestyle even when on the go. Here we have listed some of the greenest hotels for travel enthusiasts who are fully committed to sustainability. Continue reading Plan an eco-friendly retreat with these green hotels

Going the whole nine yards for an eco-friendly birthday party

Throwing a birthday party may be a great idea to make the person feel special, but birthday parties often leave a lot of trash behind that eventually ends up in landfills and harms the environment. It does not mean that you should stop celebrating your birthday, or any other occasion for that matter, but you can make these events clean and green with little planning and opting for earth friendly selection. Here are some of the simple but at the same time effective ways to make your party more sustainable. Continue reading Going the whole nine yards for an eco-friendly birthday party

Quick ideas for greater energy efficiency in the kitchen

With lots of kitchen appliances and gadgets, kitchen is possibly the largest consumer of energy in modern homes. Therefore, it becomes essential to be energy efficient in the kitchen, so that you can reduce your energy bills and thus, your carbon footprints. To be energy efficient in the kitchen, you necessarily need not to make big changes or purchase a new set of Energy Star appliances. All you need to do is be a bit careful and make some simple changes in your habits. Here are some of the simple yet effective ways to reduce your energy consumption in your kitchen. Continue reading Quick ideas for greater energy efficiency in the kitchen

Eco hunks who are inspiring the world to go green

Despite busy life and hectic work schedules, some celebrities spare time for social work and other community services and become responsible towards society and environment at large. With huge fan following, celebrities have the charisma to make a difference and encourage people to care for the surroundings we live in. Here are some of the most popular celeb hunks that use their popularity, of course selflessly, to create eco awareness among their followers and play their part in sustaining the environment. Continue reading Eco hunks who are inspiring the world to go green

4 Awesome eco-friendly hotels

If you are thinking about doing some exploring during this vacation, consider turning it into an eco-friendly trip. Not only would this help you connect with Nature on a different level altogether, but it would aid you in appreciating about the very things that we tend to take for granted on a daily basis. So pack your bags and head out on an eco-friendly trip this summer. While you are at it, check out these eco-friendly hotels and hostels along the way. Continue reading 4 Awesome eco-friendly hotels

5 eco-friendly schoolbags to start your kids on the green path

With the school season starting for the year, you would probably be busy shopping for school supplies for your kids. How about adopting a little change this year around and choose eco-friendly school bags instead. This way, you would be able to do your bit to save the environment. Don’t worry though, for your kids will definitely love these bags which are in par with standard school bags in terms of style and functionality. Here are 5 such eco-friendly bags you can consider this year. Continue reading 5 eco-friendly schoolbags to start your kids on the green path

The eco friendly Iranian salt restaurant

Emtiaz Designing Group has been the masterminds behind the clever idea of designing, a salt restaurant for the very first time in Shiraz, South Iran. The salt restaurant is designed after being inspired by the picturesque natural salt mines, and Marharloo salt lake in the region. The designers have imprinted the quintessential beauty of it in the indoors beautifully, making it one of the most enticing eco friendly creations of the world. Continue reading The eco friendly Iranian salt restaurant

Remarkable golf courses that are eco-friendly than the conventional lot

The green golf courses, around the world have become quite an attraction for the golf lovers and even for those who do not play golf. These green golf courses are an excellent destination for planning a golf vacation. Continue reading Remarkable golf courses that are eco-friendly than the conventional lot

Eco friendly laundry facility sprouts in area affected by super typhoon Yolanda

In November 2013, the fishing village, of the central part of the Philippines was hit by the super typhoon named Yolanda, which wreaked havoc in all parts of the state. This typhoon majorly destroyed the water system of the place, leaving people to live on the mercy of deep well pumps for using water for household purposes like laundry, and more. Continue reading Eco friendly laundry facility sprouts in area affected by super typhoon Yolanda

How to Go Green When in the Red

As the news constantly bombards us with woeful tales of worsening weather patterns, droughts and the increased health risks associated with living in a polluted city, there seems little doubt that global warming is real. And it’s not uncommon for people to shrug their shoulders, as if there’s nothing they can do to alleviate the problem, when actually they can. If every home and business in the UK made a few, reasonably simple changes, the effect could be dramatic. Here are three recommended improvements and suggestions for how they can be financed.


One of the simplest and yet most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to improve your insulation. Not only does it decrease the amount of heat lost through the roof and walls, it should reduce your heating bills. There are several different types, including eco-friendly varieties. For more information, visit The Energy Saving Trust website.

New Boiler

There are several advantages of installing a new condensing boiler: they are far less likely to break down; if they do develop a fault, parts should be readily available; and they burn less fuel. Modern boilers are very efficient and installing one could save you hundreds of pounds per year in fuel bills. With modern control pads and phone apps, it’s even possible to programme each room’s heat separately and to turn it off and on when away from home. This means heat goes only where and when you need it.

Government Finance Initiatives

The Government’s Green Deal offer two ways to help finance many eco-friendly improvements to your home. The Home Improvement Fund offers up to £1,000 cashback if you install two improvements from their approved list, such as a condensing mains gas boiler and insulation. The other scheme is the Green Deal Finance Plan, which is basically a loan, but repayments are calculated on your energy savings after the installation. In other words, if you installed a new boiler, your annual repayments shouldn’t exceed what you save in fuel costs from the more efficient unit.


Solar Panels

If you buy and install solar panels, not only will you reduce your electricity bills (The Energy Saving Trust estimate a typical installation will save £130 per year), you would also get a feed-in tariff for every kilowatt produced.  This is estimated to be around £630 annually. Panel prices have come down but it would still amount to £3,500+, which may be difficult for some homeowners. Fortunately, it is possible to get them installed for free by some solar companies but the catch is that they would keep the feed-in tariff, which could amass to over £18,000 after twenty years. Some companies offer finance schemes whereby the repayments are close to your tariff earnings, which means you’d still get the benefit of the feed-in payments once you’d repaid the loan.


With various attractive ways of financing eco improvements, everyone should be making these changes to their homes before it’s too late.


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