Stunning solar powered concept cars from Peugeot

Peugeot is one of the many companies that have dedicated themselves to developing energy efficient, greener vehicles that would fuel a better tomorrow. Here are 5 inspiring concept cars, designed either by the company, or by independent designers who were inspired by Peugeot. The concepts are envisioned to run on solar power, and are designed to navigate the worst of streets with ease.


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Advantages of Opting for Online Dissertation Writing Services

  If you are grappling for time to complete your thesis or dissertation assignments one of the best ways to overcome your anxiety and focus on your main postgraduate work is to hire professional dissertation writing services. There is no dearth of experts out there who proffer their writing services in chosen niches which are often not part of the regular postgraduate research work. By hiring experts who have considerable experience in their specialized field of study along with an academic degree you get to save your efforts as well as time and be more organized in your approach. Here are some more advantages of opting for dissertation writing services […]


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Eco-friendly Concept Bikes Powered by Solar Energy

Daily commute is a problem in many parts of the world. To provide a viable commuting solution on cramped urban roads, now many manufacturers are coming up with electric bikes that run on eco-friendly energy generated using solar panels. In the following sections, let us look at some concept bikes that make good use of solar energy to provide us eco-friendly means of commute.


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Funky trikes for traveling the eco friendly path

Fuel costs are going up and the air pollution is on a constant rise. One ideal solution to solve these problems altogether is to design vehicles that do not rely on hydrocarbons or other non-renewable and polluting fuels. Trikes could be quite the hero in such situations, making the best out of available resources. Take a look at some designs that propose a greener alternative for your commute:


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The green design and architecture we might see in the future

With a constant growth in population, urban expansion, and numerous environmental concerns, the look that the cities will have in future would be quite different from now. The building designs will be such that can put well with the three things mentioned above. eVolo Magazine conducts an annual event and awards planners and architects who think out of the box and come up with outstanding ideas regarding the problem-solving future skyscrapers.


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Best electric cars launched in 2013

With the focus shifting towards sustainable forms of energies and devices that use them, more and more people are opting for electric cars with both high tech appeal and environmental sustainability features. And with decreasing prices of these cars, it won’t be surprising to note more than a few of these electric cars hitting the roads pretty soon. If you want to join the race, then here are some 2013 models you might want to look at.


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FUBi is the most unique foldable bicycle concept designed till date

Auto makers all around the world are trying hard to develop and manufacture stable green cars and vehicles that will not pollute the environment. One particular vehicle that is totally eco-friendly yet grossly neglected is the bicycle. It is a safe and sound mode of transport that does not pollute our environment and helps us get some healthy cardiac exercise. One major problem that the bicycle user faces is that of theft. Bicycles often get stolen when kept at parking lots or outside the house. Parking bicycles and storing them requires space. Space scarcity makes it difficult for the users to keep the bicycles safe. The FUBi is a bicycle […]


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Five brilliant eco-friendly emergency shelter concepts

Nature is fickle minded. It has blessed us with its natural resources but sometimes it robs us off our very basic belongings like our home. People who have lost their home in flood or earthquake know the pain of living in the emergency shelters. Wars also destroy homes and force people to live like refugees in meager emergency shelters. These shelters are often not capable of meeting the needs of people residing in them and cause environmental pollution. Environmentalists and architects have joined hands to create brilliant emergency shelter concepts that are eco-friendly in nature. These concepts can reduce the global pollution rates substantially and enable the refugees who have […]


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Three cars that run with the help of compressed air

Unlike solid or liquid, air do not have a definite shape or volume. Air can be easily compressed but as soon as the pressure from it is removed it expands very fast. When air is compressed a certain amount of work is done. This work is stored in the compressed air in the form of static energy. This static energy turns into kinetic energy in the absence of the pressure. For example when a balloon is pinned it bursts and air flows out. The pin makes a hole on the balloon’s surface and releases the pressure. This makes the compressed air flow out with great gusto bursting the balloon. The […]


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The Big Question: Will the Smart Grid really set right the wrongs?

At many of the places around the world, a traditional electrical grid system is used that involves the transmission of power from the generation sources to people’s houses through a one-way route. There are high-voltage transmission lines that carry electricity from these sources to low-voltage systems from where it is distributed to homes. But now, the North American governments have adopted a modern idea of the Smart Grid that is a two-way power flow system. In this grid system, the distribution unit not only delivers power, but also feeds power back into the grid. Even you, as a small energy producer from your own sources, can contribute power to this […]


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