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Candy-textured ‘Egg’ houses made of 90% recyclable materials


Conceived by Roberto Casati and a group of Tuscan engineers, this adorable yet smart design is known as the ‘KasaUovo‘, or Egg House. These 70sqm ‘mini homes’ are sustainably constructed from unique composite material that makes use of wood waste and discarded car tires.


But don’t be taken in by – the design’s juvenile simplicity, the vibrant color scheme or even the ‘egg shape’. The shape is intentional as it contributes to energy efficiency. Moreover Egg Houses will use a combination of wind turbines and solar photovoltaics to be 70% more efficient in their energy usage than conventionally constructed dwellings.

Not only that, they are also designed to be earthquake resistant, and will be composed of an inner energy-saving insulation barrier membrane for its two storeys. This charming yet imaginative composition is truly expected to stand out from the recent conceptions of prefabricated modular housing schemes.

Via: Treehugger

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