Can Apparel address your aesthetics, making you environmentally responsible at the same time?

k states exhibition 9‘Project Organic: Designing for a Sustainable Lifestyle’. This is no book on environment friendly products, but an exhibition being held by a pioneering group of apparel students at Kansas State University from Oct.31 through Nov. 9 this year.

The exhibition very well has revealed how the organic fabrics not only appeal to the environment friendly people but the role it plays in pleasing the buyers aesthetically at the same time.

Melody LeHew, associate professor of apparel, textiles and interior design at K-State said in a news release,

We are witnessing a surge in consumer demand for eco-friendly and sustainable apparel products that also are aesthetically appealing and even fashionable.

Many top designers have revealed their eco-friendly fashions during New York Fashion Week with a fashion show focused on sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, bamboo and corn-based fibers.