Eco friendly BugE – Your passport to the future!

BugE designed by Mark Murphy isn’t a bug as the name suggests. As the picture suggests, it isn’t a car, neither is it a scooter. What I do know is, that it is an electric commuter. A look from a 90� angle vertically over it gives it a spacecraft effect, from the front though it looks like a single- seater car, from the side it looks like a three-wheeler scooter. On the whole, it looks nothing exactly like anything I’ve seen on the roads. It looks unique, nothing traditional about it including what powers it. It needs no fuel. It is powered by four M34 AGM Blue Top lead acid batteries so there is no exhaust, making it eco-friendly. It has a 30 mile range, can go 50 mph. But the range is essentially determined by your speed – 20 miles at 40 mph, 30 miles at 30 mph, 40 miles at 20 mph. For a biker, this is a good protection from sun and rain but if you are used to a car, this is slightly exposed but if you are looking for something unique, this certainly is an option. If you are impressed, make sure you have $4000 to $6000 in your bank account, check out BugE’s specifications and comparisons before you own it. When you take your drive, just be prepared for some musings. via : Groovygreen