Bricycle: Concept design for the three-wheeled green carrier

green trike 1 BtKY8 7071
I must mention that concept designs are most likely, most often not going to really make it on to the road as either they are either always lost in a fantasy land which would rarely if ever materialize in to reality of they are designed in a fashion that basically has very few to no takers. Unless you are a crazy auto maniac (Like I am), you may not really find them practically of any relevance, after a certain point of time. Here is another Concept design and this one aims at going green with the Trikes.

Trikes have never really been something that I was too keen on and until it actually is one that can take flight it interests me very little. But this one is all about a green design which the maker is keen on achieving with minimal fuss. The concept trike prototype is under construction and when finished the vehicle will have: “a independent suspension system, disc brakes on all wheels, 21 speeds and have a front mounted 48 volt hub motor.” With front and rear fender almost done, the prototype is making great progress.
green trike 2 GSVdN 7071

Like so many other concept designs, this is highly unlikely to make a significant impact in the commercial sense. But by building something in a totally green fashion the designer tries to convey the need for all to green. Being a zero-emission vehicle and being green both on the inside and the outside the Bricycle is a cool green trike that could be the blueprint for better future designs!

green trike 3 5pTFN 7071
green trike 4 eofVK 7071

Via: thedesignblog