The Box: An all-electric share car concept for London

Box Share Car for LondonCar–sharing systems are fast catching on in big cities where vehicular congestion is a major environmental hazard. This led James Brooks and Richard Bone, former students from the Vehicle Design program at the Royal College of Art, to form their own company by the name of Brooks & Bone. Now, they’ve come out with an innovative design which actually looks like a box on wheels. This innovative vehicle is the potential solution to commuting in thickly populated cities and has been particularly designed for the purpose of car sharing.

These two young designers developed this unique design after conducting thorough research and interviewing a hundred employed Londoners which enabled them to get to the pulse of what the common commuter wants. Normally, when it comes to designing an automobile, designers focus primarily on styling and function comes later, but in this case, the reverse approach was taken. The Box share-car is an electric-powered vehicle and hence is a ‘clean’ car which emits zero pollutants. It can accommodate four passengers and can also be used to cart huge items as well. The car is operated through a smartphone application which would enable the driver to locate the share car and also unlock it.

Vehicles cause a lot of environmental damage in the form of air pollution and electric share-cars such as the Box share-car will prove to be immensely beneficial due to the clean fuel that is used along with optimum utilization of the car. A model of the Box share-car would be exhibited at the London Transit Museum from September for at least a year. In the meantime, the Brooks & Bone duo are planning to develop a prototype of the car. It is heartening to see that a number of prestigious European automakers are taking their environmental responsibility seriously and have taken the ‘green’ route by coming out with their own car-sharing programs.

Via: New York Times