Bounce Back: Recycled Basketball by Wilson

wilson rebound 7071
Now even the sports industry is going green and it is doing so with its equipment! The first thing that comes to mind when you talk basketball and Wilson is that moving performance by Tom hanks in Cast Away. So we may not live that close to nature as Hanks did in that famous flick and most likely we do not want to do it in that fashion. But here is a fine way to bring Wilson in to your homes and do so with a green tinge attached to it. This one though is made from recycled material.
The Wilson ‘Rebound’ has a surface comprising 40% recycled rubber. 70 such basketballs are said to be equal to taking one car wheel out of landfill. “Think Globally, Hoop Locally” is the accompanying catch phrase. That really is one cooler catch phrase taken. Even the packaging on the basketball is 80% recycled, though I suppose the fact that basketball does not really need much of a casing.

But then packaging that can be recycled is a lot better than something that comes in plastic bags. This is indeed a fine attempt by the company to save the planet in a very practical way. It not only helps take that trash out of the landfill, but it also promotes recycling in a hip and cool way. If it is a hit with the youth, then it truly would have served the purpose.