Botanicalls Twitter – Plants are going techie too

twitter plants

Just when you thought that you are well versed with all the latest techie happenings around, something like this comes up. Don’t faint if you receive alerts like ‘I am thirsty’ or ‘Thanks for serving me water’ from plants. A group called Botanicalls has come up with a method to monitor your plants remotely, then be Twittered when they need some water. This enables your pet plant to voice it needs clearly. It can send out a Twitter alert when it’s thirsty and also detect when it’s been over- or under-watered. And that’s not all, it can even signal ‘thanks’! It uses an Arduino electronics board connected to a notebook, and some soil moisture probes crafted from a couple of galvanized nails. Well its bit complicated to set up but then if you think that plants too are living things and deserve equal attention like pet animals then you can consider the hooking your plant on to the Botanicalls network. Just remember to place the setup were your green pal will get the proper amount of light and to fertilize its soil on a regular basis. With proper care, your plant will be twittering away for many years to come.

plant twitter1
Via: nopuedocreer