Book lover builds ‘Little Free Library’ for East Lansing community

In this age of electronics and computers, books have taken a backseat. Most of us read over the internet or on tablets, not because books are dull and boring, but because we have a thirst for electronic gadgetry. However, book lovers will testify that there is no substitute for tomes and picking up a book and reading to your heart’s content is one of the finest ways to spend the day. To keep the love of reading books alive, a Mid Michigan man has built his very own ‘Little Free Library’ for his community, along the lines of the Little Free Library in Wisconsin.

Jamey Limbers is the man behind the project. His hope is to bring his community together through the joy of reading books. What’s more, he built the library out of reclaimed lumber so not only is he spreading the love for books in his community but he’s doing so in an eco friendly manner.

At present, little free libraries dot 20 countries and 40 states. They’re based on the simple concept of taking a book and returning it after reading. While the number of places with these libraries may not be too many, more are coming up with the latest being one at East Lansing’s Pinecrest Elementary School.

Limbers said he was inspired to build the library after watching more people indulge in tablets and e-book readers and wondered where all the actual books have disappeared to. He decided that the best way to get children interested in reading was to set up a small free library. When the library was first opened, it was stocked with about 100 books. Now, there are virtually no books left, which goes to show just how much of a success it is.

Limbers hopes to build more little free libraries in Lansing and East Lansing. We hope he succeeds and inspires more people to do the same for their communities.

Via: Wilx