Bombardier Eco 4 Train is a maglev beauty powered by renewable energy

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Eco Factor: Maglev train powered by renewable energy.

The Bombardier Eco 4 is a sustainable train that aims to make public transportation more attractive. Designed by Francisco Lupin, the concept is a maglev train that harnesses renewable solar energy as it moves.

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The solar panels located on the roof of the train are connected to a motor system that enables the panels to turn up to 30 degrees according to the position of the sun in the sky. This rotation is regulated automatically by an onboard computer.

bombardier eco 4 1

This futuristic train has an automatic pilot system, which guides the train along the track. The pilot computer is controlled from the base of operations and is retested at every station. All the passengers can choose the place where they want the train to stop by pressing a buzzer located in the armrest of each seat.

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The train has a unique projector system that projects information to the user. This information might be the climatic conditions outside, advertisements or the time before which the train will halt at the next station.

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The train aims to better public transportation and make it even greener with the use of renewable energy technology.

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Via: Francisco Lupin