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BMW’s i8 hybrid sportscar promises 104mpg

BMW i8

BMW, the German Automobile behemoth has taken the curtains off its hybrid supercar the i8. The vehicle promises a sporty ride with reduced emissions and a high fuel economy. Along with the i8, the company has also revealed the all-electric i3.

The car churns out a terrific 349bhp and comes with 2+2 seating arrangement. With a 3-cylinder 217 bhp engine, it has a fuel consumption of 104 mpg. It has a magnificent acceleration from 0-60 mph within 5 seconds with a top speed of 155 mph and thus scores over M3 on the speed front. The significant feature is that it releases only 66g/km of carbon dioxide which is quite remarkable and thus sets it apart from all other conventional sports cars. While an electric motor drives the front wheels, the rear wheels have petrol drive mode. The all-electric range of the i8 is about 20 miles.

BMW has designed this car with lightweight material and it comes with a battery of lithium ion cells that recharges in 2 hours. It is also smart enough to manage energy consumption and can drive either for efficiency or performance. The hybrid car is slated to be showcased in Frankfurt this September and is expected to begin production from 2014, a much anticipated wait for the supercar that is set to revolutionize the car market.

Via: Whatcar

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