Blue Wall Center educate visitors about ecosystem using living exhibits

blue wall center 1

Eco Factor: Eco-friendly visitors’ center to educate guests about the Blue Ridge Mountain region’s unique bio-diversity.

A former brown-field has been transformed into a visitor center, thanks to Studio Gang Architects’ ingenious and futuristic thinking. Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the “Blue Wall Center” is a unique effort to educate the visitors about the region’s unique bio-diversity. The center features a series of smooth glass holes that bring the outdoors deep into the building’s interior domain.

blue wall center 2

The dramatically designed center will create a unique environment for visitors to get knowledge about the ecosystem using living exhibits that display the region’s flora, fauna, and rock formations. Taking the green revolution a step ahead is the structure’s sustainable design and water capturing features. It also includes a series of garden-rooms that exhibit native tree species, rare plants, cultural history, geology and human impact on the region. Both the building and site are designed in perfect harmony with nature.

blue wall center 3

Via: ArchDaily